The Natural Sound System®

We are part of Nature and therefore our brains are designed for processing natural acoustic information. The better we are tuned into natural events when listening to the reproduction of noise, sounds and music, the more genuine will be our hearing and the more relaxed we can become.

The Natural Sound System comes very close to achieving this objective. So close, in fact, that our test listeners regularly experience pure ecstasy when they hear music for the first time which sounds as if it is being played live to them.

gischtAccording to our philosophy, the inside should always be in line with the outside.

In our effort to give something to the world and make our life more beautiful and more enjoyable for all, the Natural Sound System was created. Its centerpiece is a revolutionary technique that offers the ideal approach to the emergence of natural sound.

kampanoid closeupThe heart of every natural sound system is a double reflection cone, which is located between midrange speaker and tweeter. This ensures that the sound components vertically radiated against the reflecting side of the double-reflection cones are radiated in spherical form. The result is a spherical radiation pattern at the centre of the double reflection cone. By using an acoustic camera, these characteristics have benn made visible. This method of sound generation is an ideal approximation of the natural process of sound creation.

sphericalSound and noise naturally spread from the location in which they are created uniformly in all directions. Although sound actually moves in four dimensions, it can be envisaged as a three-dimensional, spherical-shaped wave object. Any sound source, for example a musical instrument, is at the centre of this “sound sphere”. The sound waves from different sound sources pass through each other. This creates what we perceive through our sense of hearing as a natural wall of sound or noise. We took these natural processes as an example and created something unique.

ks100• Holophonische, natürliche Klangwiedergabe
• Musik wird fühl- und erlebbar, als wäre der Zuhörer „live“ dabei
• Ideale Bedingungen der stofflichen Dimension wirken sich positiv
  auf unsere Seele aus
• Förderung von Entspannung und Wohlbefinden
• Therapeutische Anwendungen möglich
• Geeignet für alle Arten von Räumlichkeiten
• Prädestiniert für den Einsatz im Freien
• Betrieb mit jeder gebräuchlichen HiFi-Anlage